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A licsensed aesthetician with a love for makeup, offering a service that not only makes you look but feel beautiful as well.

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to take my passion to the next level! I flew to Los Angeles, CA and attended a 3 week masterclass with a celebrity makeup artist. At first I had only hoped to learn a few tips and tricks but I found faces fascinate me, and I love that every day I get to work with new people and bring out their most beautiful features; being able to make someone look and feel amazing is the most rewarding feeling, and the reason I love my job.

Is makeup the best way to gain self confidence? No way! But it can help a little, plus it’s FUN! So I hope I can help your life be a little bit happier, and perhaps more colorful. Makeup application to makeup lessons !

Fast forward to 2020 makeup came to a halt! COVID! No weddings, no military balls, no special events ! I don't like sitting still so I ventured out to see what else I could learn. I got a job at a popular chain wax center and I began waxing and fell in love with it! Now I am fortunate enough to work on my own to bring a quality experience to all of my guests! We have all heard and some of us even went though a crazy wax experience, let me show you just how easy it can be! I truly believe when you love what you do everyone enjoys your work! You will leave feeling confident and well educated about your new wax journey! Offering full body waxing !

Image by Hazel Olayres
Face Cream
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